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The age of convenience has ushered in many innovative solutions for businesses and events that require a certain level of mobility and flexibility. Navigating e-commerce, managing distant teams, or orchestrating events in secluded spots can all hinge on dependable resources. At Mobile Dishwashing Trailer Facility Rental, we’ve streamlined our services to cater to diverse requirements. Explore our offerings:

Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Food is essential, and our mobile kitchens make it easy to cook and serve meals on the go. With modern cooking tools and safety measures, our mobile units provide a straightforward cooking process, keeping your team or event guests satisfied and ready for action.

Dishwashing Trailers

Dishwashing units offer a versatile solution for events, emergencies, and remote locations. These mobile units ensure clean dishes are readily available, streamlining operations. An essential tool for caterers, relief teams, and remote site managers to maintain hygiene and efficiency.

Refrigeration Trailers

Reefer trailers are mobile cooling units essential for businesses needing to transport temperature-sensitive goods. In the e-commerce industry, they ensure products, especially perishables, reach customers in optimal condition. They’re a game-changer for sellers prioritizing product quality during transit.

Sleeper or Bunkhouse Modules & Mobile Living Quarters

Modular sleeper and living quarters are essential components in the e-commerce sector for on-the-move teams. They offer comfortable and practical spaces for resting or living, ensuring workers and staff remain refreshed during projects or events. A must-have for businesses valuing mobility and convenience.

Temporary Housing & Shelter

These refers to provisional accommodations for individuals or groups. In the e-commerce realm, it could denote products or services catering to immediate, short-term lodging needs. From pop-up tents to portable cabins, such options offer quick solutions in varied scenarios.

Base Camp & Man Camp Workforce Housing

Workforce housing is essential for projects located in remote areas. These accommodations, often referred to as Base Camps or Man Camps, provide a temporary home for workers. They ensure employees have a secure and comfortable place to rest after a day’s work.

Remote Catering

Food lifts spirits. With our mobile catering, you get balanced and flavorful meals wherever you work. Whether it’s events, emergency operations, or distant locations, this solution ensures quality meals are delivered wherever required. Ideal for those seeking dependable catering without location constraints.

Potable Water Tank Rental

Renting a tank for drinkable water is a straightforward and convenient option for those needing a temporary water supply. Ideal for events, construction sites, or emergencies, these tanks provide a reliable source of clean water. Choose the right size and duration based on your needs.

Mobile Laundry Trailers

Offer a convenient solution for on-site laundry needs. These trailers come equipped with washing machines and dryers, providing a portable and efficient way to clean clothes. Ideal for events, remote work sites, or emergency situations, they ensure clean laundry is available wherever and whenever needed.

Shower Modules

Shower modules are pre-fabricated units designed to streamline bathroom installations. They combine essential shower components into a single, ready-to-install unit. Easy to set up and often more cost-effective than traditional bathroom constructions, shower modules are a popular choice for both renovations and new constructions.

Restroom Modules

Restroom Modules are designed for easy installation and integration into various settings. These modules provide essential sanitation facilities, ensuring convenience and hygiene. Suitable for a range of environments, from events to construction sites, they offer a practical solution to immediate restroom needs.

Locker Room Modules

These modules serve as spaces where individuals can safely store their belongings, change clothes, or take a moment of privacy. Ideal for sports facilities, workplaces, or event venues, they offer a practical solution for short-term or permanent needs, ensuring user convenience and security.

Maritime Accommodations: Offshore, Onshore, and Galley Services

Maritime accommodations focus on providing living and working spaces for those in the marine industry, whether they’re stationed offshore or onshore. These services ensure that crew members have comfortable living conditions and essential facilities, from sleeping quarters to dining areas.

Containerized Modules

These units, which include office and multi-panel modules, provide versatile spaces that can be easily transported and set up. Designed for various uses, from workspace solutions to customizable configurations, they represent a flexible choice for dynamic needs.

Containerized Modules

These units, which include office and multi-panel modules, provide versatile spaces that can be easily transported and set up. Designed for various uses, from workspace solutions to customizable configurations, they represent a flexible choice for dynamic needs.


Dishwashing Inventory

Dishwashing Trailer

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Housing & Comfort:
    • Sleeping Quarters
    • Eating (Mess) Facilities
    • Recreation Facilities
    • Temporary Living Quarters
  • Operational Areas:
    • Installation Control Room
    • Crew Offices
    • Boot/Locker Room
  • Utilities & Systems:
    • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
    • Fire and Gas Detection
    • Emergency Power Generation
    • Instrument and Plant Air Compression
  • Safety & Emergency:
    • Helideck
    • Lifeboats
    • Firewater (Seawater Lift) Pump(s)
  • Sanitation & Storage:
    • Food Storage
    • Aviation Fuel Storage
    • Sewage Treatment and Disposal
    • Potable Water Plant

Specialized Modules:

  • Floatels Systems
  • Laboratory Modules
  • Offshore Living Quarters and Sleepers
  • Tool Room Modules
  • Water Storage Tanks and Modules
  • Water Treatment Modules
  • Onshore Living Quarter Modules
  • Workforce Superstructure Modules

Additional Services:

  • Maintenance and full service available upon request
  • Offshore facility rentals
  • Offshore catering company